About Auctions!!!

The auctions will be for the rare and one-off cuttings. 

Please read the following instructions to prevent any confusion! 

  • You must sign up for an account with www.trichemer.com
      • This is so bids are legitimate 
      • It can be done by clicking "Account" at the top right of any page
      • If you don't see your confirmation email, be sure to check your SPAM folder

    •  2 ways to bid: VERY IMPORTANT
    "Place My Bid" (Not Recommended)

    • Your bid amount becomes the Current Bid
    • DO NOT enter the maximum of what you are willing to pay
    • This is NOT like ebay 
       "Place Automatic Bid" (Recommended)

      • Enter the maximum you are willing to bid
      • When another person bids against you, it will automatically increase your bid above theirs until your maximum is reached.
      • This is the same as ebay bidding


      • If you wish to stay anonymous to other bidders, check the box that says "Hide Identity from Bidders"



        Auction Methods, required payment window, and the instructions above are subject to change without notice.

        We reserve the right to cancel any auction at any time for any reason.