About TrichEmer Seedlings

TrichEmer Seedlings

These seedlings have been hard-grown in Phoenix, AZ. They're incredibly tough, hardened, and ready for near full sun. These aren't grown under fluorescent lights or in a greenhouse: They've been outdoors for about 2 years in 6-8 hours of sun. If I had separated them sooner, they'd be a lot bigger already. At this point, they're ready to explode with new growth.

I just potted up about 120 seedlings for my own collection and within 2-3 weeks they're already greening up, fattening, and putting on excellent growth. I expect they'll be about 1-2 feet tall and starting to show adult traits within a year. 

Give these seedlings a good sized pot to expand their roots, a 1-gallon pot is recommended. Look for the more yellow side and plant that side towards the Southwest. The purple-ish ones take a bit more time to establish but it seems that once they do, they get much fatter much faster than normal. As soon as you see growth at the tip, a good feeding of something with a bit of Nitrogen is recommended. 

Thank you for looking and as always, Happy Growing!