Friends of TrichEmer


A long-time vendor for some of the best cacti clones out there. A lot of my collection originally comes from CactusAffinity. Highly recommended! 

The Chacruna Store    

A long-time friend with an amazing selection of desirable tropical plants! 
"Brisco's Tropicals is a small nursury in Tampa Bay, Florida offering some of the rarest plants in the world, and helping preserve plants on a 3 acer minature botanical garden."

Earthways Nursery

Based out of the East Coast, Earthways Nursery has a beautiful selection of cacti. Keep an eye on their site through the growing season.

Mallacht's Plants

An amazing source of beautifully grown cacti cuttings and other plants. Definitely worth checking out their site!

Pacific Cactus

Amazing cacti grown in sunny California. Check out their FaceBook page!

The Trichocereus Community (facebook page)

A wacky group that's a bit like having beers in the backyard with good friends

Trichaustralis (facebook page)

An amazing source for Trich seeds. Some of the best hybrids around. Pure scopulicola seeds and many more! 

Trichocereus & Echinopsis Growers Worldwide (facebook page)

Huge FaceBook group full of enthusiasts.

A wealth of information on Trichocereus hosted and written by Patrick Noll. He sells an AMAZING selection of cacti seeds!